Water technology – We make water clean.

Wasser ist Leben

The team of the water technology division develops, produces and sells precipitation and flocculation agents for a wide range of applications in water treatment as well as for special industrial applications.

We guarantee - also in times of economic crisis - quality, efficiency, security of supply and reliability of operation for our customers - complemented by state-of-the-art analytics, expert advice and technical support.

As supplier we see ourself as an important partner for our customers, the welfare of our customers is the main goal of our work. We constantly try to provide solutions to our partners. 

The Donau Chemie Group 

The Donau Chemie Group is a leading company internationally  active in the chemical industry that is headquartered in Austria  and has its own production and distribution facilities at home and abroad. In the field of water technology, we develop, produce and sell precipitants and flocculants for treating water as well as products for specialized applications. Be it in waste water treat ment, drinking water treatment or swimming pool sanitation – we always ensure that life-giving water is available to people in a useful way.

Our know-how in these fields results from many years of high investments in research and development and intensive interaction between the field service team, the R&D department and our custo-mers. As a producer, we have extensive applications expertise in this field. By investing in technology and know-how, we constantly make efforts to generate competitive advantages for our customers and aim at securing our common future.

Being a competent partner in the field of water treatment, Donau Chemie supports you in addressing new challenges by supplying comprehensive know-how and high-quality products. To meet rising demand and raise the security of supply for you, we set up a second plant for the production of water treatment chemicals in Kazincbarcika/Hungary in addition to our plant in Brückl. The new facility delivers precipitants and flocculants for waste water and drinking water treatment to the Central and Eastern European market. Thereby, we enable you to comply with environmental requirements and make a significant contribution to protecting our common environment.

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MMag. Richard Fruhwürth Head of Water Treatment division
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