Products & Solutions

  • Water Treatment
    Water Treatment

    Whether it is sewage cleaning, treatment of drinking water or swimming pool chemicals, we always ensure that life giving water is made available in a useful way to people.

  • Donau ®Evolution
    Donau ®Evolution

    Donau ®Evolution – creative solutions for the future!

  • Paper and Pulp Production
    Paper and Pulp Production

    The production of paper in aqueous systems is a highly complex interaction between human, machines, raw material wood and applied chemicals. We offer tailor-made solutions for your applications.

  • Biogas Production
    Biogas Production

    Energy production by using organic residues and renewable resources gains in importance more and more. Our product portfolio optimizes the biogas process by its well balanced product characteristics and supports you to maintain a stable and safe production.

  • Service

    We don’t just provide chemical products, we provide solutions. We offer comprehensive services associated with the applications.

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