Odour & Corrosion Control

Frische LuftOdour from wastewater treatment plants is not only an unwanted nuisance and a health hazard, but can also lead to massive damage to buildings.

The main cause is the formation of sulfides or hydrogen sulfide by desulfuricants. These bacteria convert sulphates under lack of oxygen (anaerobic conditions) into sulphides, which escape as malodorous hydrogen sulphide gas.

Subsequently, other microorganisms convert the hydrogen sulphide, which has dissolved in condensation water films on the pipe and building walls, into sulphuric acid under aerobic conditions. There this leads again to massive damage to concrete walls and metal components.


    Products and Applications

  • Iron- and aluminium-based precipitants
  • Removal of sulfides and hydrogen sulfide
  • odor control
  • Avoidance of hydrogen sulphide - induced corrosion
  • phosphate precipitation
  • Activated carbon for odour control
  • Donau Bellair, Donau Bellamethan, Donau Evolution




  • Products react highly selectively
  • Only a few dosing points required
  • Multiple use of the active substance: the active substance is released again by oxidation (aerated zone) and is available again for phosphate and sulphide precipitation.
  • Rapid and efficient efficacy



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