Potable Water Treatment

TrinkwasserThe availability of clean potable water cannot be taken for granted in many regions of the world.

It is therefore more important than ever to protect and preserve this vital resource.

With its products for potable water treatment, Donau Chemie ensures that people have clean and clear access to the life-giving water. Our portfolio offers highly active products for the treatment of water used to produce potable water.

Our products are characterized by the following features:

They act as highly efficient flocculants:

and thereby remove turbidity (e.g. from surface waters). At the same time many harmful substances are removed from the water.

By adjusting and adapting the product characteristics (concentration, basicity) it is possible to react optimally to different situations.

They meet high quality requirements

by complying with the required quality standards for products for the treatment of water intended for human consumption (e.g. EN 17034, EN 888).

   Products and Applications 

  • Flocculant based on iron and aluminium
  • Activated carbon for drinking water treatment
  • Donau Klar, Donau PAC, Donau Acquabella, Donau Evolution, Chlorine gas


  • Wide range of products, therefore covering a wide range of applications
  • Effective flocculation effect, thus very good cleaning performance with low residual aluminium contents
  • Slight change in pH value
  • High, consistent quality
  • Supply reliability
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