Paper and Pulp Production

PapierproduktionPaper today has to meet many requirements. Therefore, in addition to the main component pulp, a number of precisely coordinated, specific additives and auxiliary material combinations are required for the production of high-quality paper.

The high use of recovered paper leads to additional challenges from stock preparation, the
Paper manufacturing process up to water treatment.

Products from Donau Chemie have been used for a long time in paper production in and around Austria.

In recent years, polyaluminium chlorides from the Donau PAC family have increasingly replaced "alum" (aluminium sulphate). The effect of aluminium is still indispensable for many tasks in papermaking. For example, our Donau PAC products are used in industrial water treatment, stock preparation, to improve retention and dewatering, sizing and waste water treatment. In addition, other products from our portfolio such as Donau Bellamethan for the optimization of anaerobic wastewater treatment or the flocculants of the Donau Multifloc series are also used.


    Products and Applications

  • Donau PAC Papyro, Donau Bellamethan, Donau Evolution, Donau Multfloc


  • The optimal product range for a neutral driving style
  • Excellent retention and sizing agent
  • Optimal fixation of impurities, fine and auxiliary materials
  • Fewer tears, holes and deposits
  • Advantages for the removal of impurities in water circuits

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