Safety, Environment & Quality

Safety, the environment and quality are our company’s 3 fundamental values. In our plants and at our sites, a universal safety system geared to all matters of concern provides for the requisite protection of people and the environment. Our concept of quality does not merely refer to products but encompasses the quality of our actions in all areas. From the respect shown by employees in their dealings with each other, the safety and environmental protection equipment to the information culture throughout the company.


ISO 9001 is standard for us – we think and work in line with this quality criterion.

Responsible Care

Responsible Care is a global initiative by the chemical industry aimed at securing the health and safety of employees, neighbours and customers as well as an environment that is worth living in. Binding directives for the manufacture, transport and use of chemical products are imposed for this purpose. We are not merely a member but also one of the first companies in Austria to have been scrutinised and to have received certification.


The Austrian Head Office of the Transport-Unfall-Informations- und Hilfeleistungs-System (Transport Accident Information and Assistance System) is located at the Pischelsdorf plant. We provide expertise on avoiding accidents and dealing with them within this European initiative by the Chemicals industry. Since 1984, the Police and the Fire Service as well as the Austrian Railways or other authorities have been able to take advantage of the following aid package: 
  • Professional knowledge of chemical products, their transport and disposal
  • Advice on accident prevention
  • Elimination or limitation of the consequences of accidents with specialist appliances.